DFIRM Production Tools


Effective immediately, FEMA has decided that mapping partners should not start any new projects using these tools. Instead, projects should be initiated in other readily-available GIS software.

The online Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map (DFIRM) Production environment is now available! Release 2.1.2 includes:

Visit the User Access page to register to use the DFIRM Production Tools.

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Job Tracking Extension (JTX)

JTX provides an environment which guides the mapping partner through the DFIRM creation process by laying out a best practices workflow, launching appropriate GIS tools, and acting as a geodatabase version manager.

JTX User Guide (Text Equivalent 106 KB)
JTX User Guide (Word Document 15.6 MB)
JTX User Guide (Adobe PDF 560 KB)

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GeoPop Pro

GeoPop Pro assists the flood mapping partner to create and edit topologically valid data while simultaneously ensuring database structure and content quality.

GeoPop Pro User Guide (Text Equivalent)
GeoPop Pro User Guide (Word Document, 20.7 MB)
GeoPop Pro User Guide (Adobe PDF, 417 KB)

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GIS Data ReViewer

GIS Data Reviewer provides users with Quality Assurance/Quality Control tools for reviewing data and maps, as well as spatial and attribute validation checks.

GIS Data ReViewer User Guide (Text Equivalent)
GIS Data ReViewer User Guide (Word Document 28.3 MB)
GIS Data ReViewer User Guide (Adobe PDF 1.7 MB)

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WorkMap Pro

The Work Map Pro tool allows the user to effortlessly create singular or batch plots of engineering work maps while automatically rendering all standard DFIRM features.

WorkMap Pro User Guide (Text Equivalent)
WorkMap Pro User Guide (Word Document 14.6 MB)
WorkMap Pro User Guide (Adobe PDF 283 KB)

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Database Exporter

The Database Exporter tool allows users to export the populated data layers and tables from the ESRI SDE Geodatabase format into the three formats mapping partners are required to digitally submit to FEMA’s Map Service Center.

Database Exporter User Guide (Text Equivalent)
Database Exporter User Guide (Word Document 7.7 MB)
Database Exporter User Guide (Adobe PDF 108 KB)

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Label-EZ:  Label Panel & Label Edit

Label Panel will generate the majority of the annotation for the FIRM maps, based on information in the database. This annotation will also be rendered and placed in accordance with FEMA Guidelines and Specifications. Label-Edit will allow the user to modify the placement of the annotation generated by Label Panel.

Label Panel & Label Edit User Guide (Text Equivalent, 116 KB)
Label Panel & Label Edit User Guide (Word Document 9.5 MB)
Label Panel & Label Edit User Guide (Adobe PDF 929 KB)

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Map Production Pro

Map Production Pro allows flood mapping partners to rapidly generate FEMA-compliant Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) or Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) plots.

Map Production Pro User Guide (Text Equivalent, 84 kb)
Map Production Pro User Guide (Word Document 12.2 MB)
Map Production Pro User Guide (>Adobe PDF 1.60 MB)

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DFIRM Annotation Tool

The DFIRM Annotation Tool will allow the user to add additional panel-specific notes that are not derived from the database.

DFIRM Annotation Tool User Guide (Text Equivalent)
DFIRM Annotation Tool User Guide (Word Document 8.9 MB)
DFIRM Annotation Tool User Guide (Adobe PDF 214 KB)

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Digital FIRM Index Tool (DFIT) Pro

DFIT Pro renders, displays, and labels the data, as well as generates all required map surrounds, including the legend, title elements, Community Map Repository addresses, and community information tables.

DFIT Pro User Guide (Text Equivalent, 79 KB)
DFIT Pro User Guide (Word Document 10.4 MB)
DFIT Pro User Guide (Adobe PDF, 1 MB)

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DFIRM Metadata Builder

The DFIRM Metadata Builder simplifies the creation of the DFIRM database metadata document by generating a metadata file to meet FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata. The content of the file is based upon the template in FEMA’s Guidelines and Specifications.

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Citrix Connection

The document provides some basic information about the Citrix connections and lists possible solutions regarding problems with Citrix connections.

Citrix Connection User Guide (Text Equivalent)
Citrix Connection User Guide (Word Document 273 KB)
Citrix Connection User Guide (Adobe PDF 192 KB)

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