DFIRM - Data Submissions

When submitting your DFIRM data (Geodatabase) please structure the data in a logical fashion. Follow the data submission standards for DFIRM data outlined in FEMA's Guidelines and Specifications for Flood Hazard Mapping Partners.

Please follow the instructions below to effectively submit your CD/DVD/External Hard Drive:
  • The preferred data submission method is CD/DVD; however for larger amounts of data (i.e. Data Size > 25GB) we recommend the External Hard Drive option. When mailing CDs/DVDs please limit your data submission to five CDs/DVDs. For External Hard Drives the data size must be greater than 25 Gigabytes.

  • Please click the link below to populate your Readme.doc file.
  • CD/DVD/External Hard Drive Data submissions

  • Email MIPHelp@riskmapcds.com and attach your Readme.doc file to notify MIPHelp of your data submission.
  • NOTE: Data will be uploaded upon receipt of file and all required information within 3-5 business days. Larger files take the most amount of time to process. If we have exceeded this time frame please contact MIPHelp with any questions regarding your submission and reference your MIPHelp ticket number. Failure to follow the requirements outlined above may result in processing delays.

  • Save a copy of the Readme.doc file on your CD/DVD/External Hard Drive when mailing.