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Regular Maintenance Windows

Regular maintenance is important to keep the MIP running smoothly. CDS maintains standard windows for conducting any required system updates. During these windows some system functionality may be temporarily unavailable.

System Maintenance Start Maintenance End Details
MIP and MSC Every Tuesday at 9:00pm ET Every Wednesday at 5:00am ET Systems may be offline during this window for regular maintenance
MIP and MSC Every Saturday at 9:00pm ET Every Sunday at 5:00am ET Systems may be offline during this window for regular maintenance
SOMA Daily at 12:00am ET Daily at 5:00am ET System data is refreshed at this time
MARS Daily at 5:00am ET Daily at 7:00am ET System data is refreshed at this time

Contact Us


For general flood mapping questions, contact a Map Specialist.

Risk MAP IT Help

For MIP or IT system questions, contact support services.

  • Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday - Friday, with the exception of Federal Holidays. Support requests may be submitted outside of these hours of operation but will be processed on the next business day.
  • Phone: 877-FEMA-MAP (877-336-2627)
  • Email: FEMA-RiskMAP-ITHelp@fema.dhs.gov
  • NOTE: Either phone or email results in the creation of a support ticket, which will be used to track your request until completion. Upon ticket creation you will be sent a confirmation email from Risk MAP IT Help containing a summary and description of the request, as well as an ID number for the corresponding support ticket. If you do not receive an auto-generated ticket from Risk MAP IT Help, please contact Risk MAP IT Help at FEMA-RiskMAP-ITHelp@fema.dhs.gov.

FEMA IT Risk MAP Systems Team (FIRST)

FIRST is a group of MIP super-users, made up of Regional Champions, Black Belts, and Regional Program Management Leads (RPMLs). For Region specific help, contact your Regional FIRST representative. If you are a RMD SharePoint user please click the link below. If you do not have a RMD SharePoint account please contact Risk MAP IT Help and request your region's FIRST contact information.

MIP User Webinars 9

Below are PowerPoints from our 2017 monthly MIP User Calls

Date Minutes
January Adobe PDF
February Adobe PDF
March Adobe PDF
April Adobe PDF
May Adobe PDF
June Adobe PDF
July Adobe PDF

Access Requests

MIP Workflow

To request access to the Mapping Information Platform (MIP) Workflow, please contact your RSC.

Access to the MIP will only be granted to those working directly on projects for FEMA. For data requests, please use FRISEL or contact the Mapping Engineering Library.

A list of RSC contacts can be found at the link below:

The RSC will collect general information used for account creation and assist in determining proper MIP Workflow roles and subscriptions. The RSC will populate a workflow access request form on your behalf and submit the form to the MIP User Care group for processing. You will receive access information such as username and password via email from FEMA-RiskMAP-ITHelp@fema.dhs.gov along with general information on how to access the workflow.


To request access to the eLOMA application, please submit the online eLOMA Registration Form. Please Note: If you are an existing MIP User, you need to contact Risk MAP IT Help (call 877-336-2627 or email FEMA-RiskMAP-ITHelp@fema.dhs.gov) to add eLOMA access to your existing User ID.