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The National Risk Index

Discover the landscape of natural hazard risk in the United States.

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The National Risk Index has undergone a large data update, which changes the way we assess risk. To learn more about the update click here.

A map showing composite Risk Index ratings for a small portion of the United States.

The National Risk Index Map

Use the interactive National Risk Index Map to visually explore natural hazard risk data across the United States.

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What Is the National Risk Index?

Gain insight into what the National Risk Index is, how it's made possible, and how it can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Review answers to questions that have been asked about the National Risk Index.

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Determining Risk

Gain an understanding of the risk equation and data supporting the National Risk Index.

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Expected Annual Loss

Natural hazards - including flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, and more - are factored into the National Risk Index as Expected Annual Loss.

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Social Vulnerability

Social vulnerability helps with determining natural hazard risk by accounting for a wide array of community risk factors.

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Community Resilience

Community resilience is an important characteristic in determining how a community can handle natural hazard risk.

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Access National Risk Index Data

Access downloads and other data resources to use the National Risk Index data in your own analysis, map, or app.

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