FEMA Map Service Center (MSC)

The MSC website, provides users with instant access to digital flood map products. These flood map products are important resources to FEMA, its stakeholders, and homeowners because they provide updated data in a readily available digital format.

These products include floods maps, Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs), derived from Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRMs) databases. FIRMs and DFIRM databases are used to determine the flood zone, base flood elevation, and the floodway status for a particular location.

Users can search for these products by street address on the MSC website. Individuals also have the option of using the MSC’s toll free number (1-800-358-9616) to inquire about and/or obtain digital flood hazard maps.

The utilization and availability of these, and other, digital flood map products is the key to the success of FEMA Flood Map Modernization (Map Mod).

To learn more about a few of the exciting resources the MSC has available, please review the following files:

Document Title


Text Equivalent

How to use Map search Download (956 kb) Download (3 kb)
How to Make a FIRMette Using Map Search Download (1.5 mb) Download (2 kb)
How to Make a FIRMette Using Catalog Search Download (1.4 mb) Download (2 kb)

For more detailed information on the MSC please use the links below:
MSC Homepage
MSC Fact Sheet
MSC FIRMette Overview and Tutorial
MSC DFIRM Information and Sample DFIRMs
MSC Help and Frequently Asked Question s (FAQs)

*These files are also made available for as free downloads at the MSC website