Only the 20 highest-risk communities are shown. 364 lower-risk communities were omitted from this report. View the list ⭡

National Risk Index June 29, 2022

Risk Comparison Report

Use this report to determine how risk factors in selected communities compare to each other. Click a community name in any table below to open an individual risk profile report for that community and review its risk factors in more detail.

While reviewing this report, keep in mind that low risk is driven by lower loss due to natural hazards, lower social vulnerability, and higher community resilience.

For more information about the National Risk Index, its data, and how to interpret the information it provides, please review the About the National Risk Index and How to Take Action sections at the end of this report. Or, visit the National Risk Index website at to access supporting documentation and links.


This report includes information about only the 20 highest-risk communities selected. The following 364 communities were originally selected but have been excluded from this report:

Census tract 42101000100Census tract 42101000200Census tract 42101000300Census tract 42101000401Census tract 42101000500Census tract 42101000600Census tract 42101000700Census tract 42101000801Census tract 42101000803Census tract 42101000804Census tract 42101000901Census tract 42101000902Census tract 42101001001Census tract 42101001002Census tract 42101001101Census tract 42101001102Census tract 42101001201Census tract 42101001202Census tract 42101001300Census tract 42101001400Census tract 42101001500Census tract 42101001600Census tract 42101001700Census tract 42101001800Census tract 42101001900Census tract 42101002000Census tract 42101002100Census tract 42101002200Census tract 42101002300Census tract 42101002400Census tract 42101002500Census tract 42101002701Census tract 42101002702Census tract 42101002801Census tract 42101002802Census tract 42101002900Census tract 42101003001Census tract 42101003002Census tract 42101003100Census tract 42101003200Census tract 42101003300Census tract 42101003701Census tract 42101003702Census tract 42101003800Census tract 42101003901Census tract 42101003902Census tract 42101004001Census tract 42101004002Census tract 42101004101Census tract 42101004201Census tract 42101004202Census tract 42101005000Census tract 42101006100Census tract 42101006200Census tract 42101006300Census tract 42101006400Census tract 42101006500Census tract 42101006600Census tract 42101006700Census tract 42101006900Census tract 42101007000Census tract 42101007101Census tract 42101007102Census tract 42101007200Census tract 42101007300Census tract 42101007400Census tract 42101007700Census tract 42101007800Census tract 42101007900Census tract 42101008000Census tract 42101008101Census tract 42101008102Census tract 42101008200Census tract 42101008301Census tract 42101008302Census tract 42101008400Census tract 42101008500Census tract 42101008601Census tract 42101008602Census tract 42101008701Census tract 42101008702Census tract 42101008801Census tract 42101008802Census tract 42101009000Census tract 42101009100Census tract 42101009200Census tract 42101009300Census tract 42101009400Census tract 42101009500Census tract 42101009600Census tract 42101009801Census tract 42101009802Census tract 42101010000Census tract 42101010100Census tract 42101010200Census tract 42101010300Census tract 42101010400Census tract 42101010600Census tract 42101010700Census tract 42101010800Census tract 42101010900Census tract 42101011000Census tract 42101011100Census tract 42101011200Census tract 42101011300Census tract 42101011400Census tract 42101011500Census tract 42101011700Census tract 42101011800Census tract 42101011900Census tract 42101012000Census tract 42101012100Census tract 42101012201Census tract 42101012203Census tract 42101012204Census tract 42101012500Census tract 42101013100Census tract 42101013200Census tract 42101013300Census tract 42101013401Census tract 42101013402Census tract 42101013500Census tract 42101013601Census tract 42101013602Census tract 42101013700Census tract 42101013800Census tract 42101013900Census tract 42101014000Census tract 42101014100Census tract 42101014200Census tract 42101014300Census tract 42101014400Census tract 42101014500Census tract 42101014600Census tract 42101014700Census tract 42101014800Census tract 42101014900Census tract 42101015101Census tract 42101015102Census tract 42101015200Census tract 42101015300Census tract 42101015600Census tract 42101015700Census tract 42101015800Census tract 42101016000Census tract 42101016100Census tract 42101016200Census tract 42101016300Census tract 42101016400Census tract 42101016500Census tract 42101016600Census tract 42101016701Census tract 42101016702Census tract 42101016800Census tract 42101016901Census tract 42101016902Census tract 42101017000Census tract 42101017100Census tract 42101017201Census tract 42101017202Census tract 42101017300Census tract 42101017400Census tract 42101017601Census tract 42101017602Census tract 42101017701Census tract 42101017702Census tract 42101017800Census tract 42101017900Census tract 42101018001Census tract 42101018002Census tract 42101018300Census tract 42101018400Census tract 42101019000Census tract 42101019502Census tract 42101019800Census tract 42101019900Census tract 42101020000Census tract 42101020101Census tract 42101020102Census tract 42101020200Census tract 42101020300Census tract 42101020400Census tract 42101020500Census tract 42101020600Census tract 42101020700Census tract 42101020800Census tract 42101020900Census tract 42101021000Census tract 42101021100Census tract 42101021200Census tract 42101021300Census tract 42101021400Census tract 42101021500Census tract 42101021600Census tract 42101021700Census tract 42101021800Census tract 42101021900Census tract 42101022000Census tract 42101023100Census tract 42101023500Census tract 42101023600Census tract 42101023700Census tract 42101023800Census tract 42101023900Census tract 42101024000Census tract 42101024100Census tract 42101024200Census tract 42101024300Census tract 42101024400Census tract 42101024500Census tract 42101024600Census tract 42101024700Census tract 42101024800Census tract 42101024900Census tract 42101025300Census tract 42101025400Census tract 42101025500Census tract 42101025600Census tract 42101025700Census tract 42101025800Census tract 42101025900Census tract 42101026000Census tract 42101026100Census tract 42101026200Census tract 42101026301Census tract 42101026302Census tract 42101026400Census tract 42101026500Census tract 42101026600Census tract 42101026700Census tract 42101026800Census tract 42101026900Census tract 42101027000Census tract 42101027100Census tract 42101027200Census tract 42101027300Census tract 42101027401Census tract 42101027402Census tract 42101027500Census tract 42101027600Census tract 42101027700Census tract 42101027800Census tract 42101027901Census tract 42101027902Census tract 42101028000Census tract 42101028100Census tract 42101028200Census tract 42101028400Census tract 42101028500Census tract 42101028600Census tract 42101028700Census tract 42101028800Census tract 42101028901Census tract 42101028902Census tract 42101029000Census tract 42101029100Census tract 42101029200Census tract 42101029300Census tract 42101029400Census tract 42101029800Census tract 42101029900Census tract 42101030000Census tract 42101030100Census tract 42101030200Census tract 42101030501Census tract 42101030502Census tract 42101030600Census tract 42101030700Census tract 42101030800Census tract 42101030900Census tract 42101031000Census tract 42101031101Census tract 42101031102Census tract 42101031200Census tract 42101031300Census tract 42101031401Census tract 42101031402Census tract 42101031501Census tract 42101031502Census tract 42101031600Census tract 42101031700Census tract 42101031800Census tract 42101031900Census tract 42101032000Census tract 42101032100Census tract 42101032300Census tract 42101032500Census tract 42101032600Census tract 42101032900Census tract 42101033000Census tract 42101033101Census tract 42101033102Census tract 42101033200Census tract 42101033300Census tract 42101033400Census tract 42101033500Census tract 42101033600Census tract 42101033701Census tract 42101033702Census tract 42101033800Census tract 42101033900Census tract 42101034000Census tract 42101034100Census tract 42101034200Census tract 42101034400Census tract 42101034501Census tract 42101034502Census tract 42101034600Census tract 42101034701Census tract 42101034702Census tract 42101034801Census tract 42101034802Census tract 42101034803Census tract 42101034900Census tract 42101035100Census tract 42101035200Census tract 42101035301Census tract 42101035302Census tract 42101035500Census tract 42101035601Census tract 42101035602Census tract 42101035701Census tract 42101035702Census tract 42101035800Census tract 42101035900Census tract 42101036000Census tract 42101036100Census tract 42101036201Census tract 42101036202Census tract 42101036203Census tract 42101036301Census tract 42101036302Census tract 42101036303Census tract 42101036400Census tract 42101036501Census tract 42101036502Census tract 42101036700Census tract 42101036900Census tract 42101037200Census tract 42101037500Census tract 42101037600Census tract 42101037700Census tract 42101037800Census tract 42101037900Census tract 42101038000Census tract 42101038100Census tract 42101038200Census tract 42101038300Census tract 42101038400Census tract 42101038500Census tract 42101038600Census tract 42101038700Census tract 42101038800Census tract 42101038900Census tract 42101039000Census tract 42101980000Census tract 42101980100Census tract 42101980300Census tract 42101980400Census tract 42101980500Census tract 42101980600Census tract 42101980700Census tract 42101980800Census tract 42101989100