Narrow Your Search

The Narrow Your Search feature allows you to further refine the Search Results by filtering them based on selected criteria. Select one or more Project Type(s), State(s), and Type(s) of Data Product associated with the search results and then select "Refine Search" to display only the results matching those attributes. The number in parenthesis next to each selectable attribute represents the number of results that match that attribute. Alternatively, you may select a specific FEMA Case Number to display only results associated with that particular Case Number.

Project Type

FEMA flood mapping projects fall into one of three categories. Studies are typically large projects done on a countywide or watershed basis. Revisions are more localized investigations that are undertaken to revise portions of an existing flood map. Amendments are the smallest in scope and typically affect individual lots or groups of lots.

Case Number

Each FEMA flood mapping project has a unique case identifier. A list of the identifiers associated with the projects that match your search criteria will be displayed here. Case numbers typically follow the following format: "yy-rr-nnnnp" where: yy = year; rr = FEMA Region number; nnnn = a 4 character project code; and p = a project type corresponding to the following designations:

When narrowing your search using this attribute, only the top 100 case number results sorted by relevance will be shown. Please note that more than 100 case number results may match your search criteria.

Type of Data Product

The engineering data that supports a flood mapping project is categorized by specific type and function (e.g. Base Map, Modeling Hydraulics, Topographic, etc). The data type for a particular set of data is specified when it is uploaded into the Mapping Information Platform. You may filter the types of data displayed in the search results by selecting specific attributes listed here.