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The acronyms and abbreviations listed below are used in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) guidance documents and will be encountered in the completion of activities as part of the Flood Hazard Mapping Program:

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AML- ARC Macro Language
AAER- Average Annual Erosion Rate
ACSM- American Congress of Surveying and Mapping
ANI- Area Not Included
AO- (FEMA) Assistance Officer
ASC- Area of Special Consideration
ASCE- American Society of Civil Engineers
ASCII- American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASFPM- Association of State Floodplain Managers
ASPRS- American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
AT- Area Triangulation
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BERD- Blocked Erosion Rate Database
BFE- Base Flood Elevation
BIL- Band Interleaved by Line (Format)
BM- Bench Mark
BSQ- Band Sequential Format
BU- Building (Line)
BuRec- U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
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CAC- Community Assistance Call
CAD- Computer-Assisted Drafting
CAV- Community Assistance Visits
CADD- Computer-Assisted Drafting and Design
CAP- Community Assistance Program
CBN- Cooperative Base Network
CBRA- Coastal Barrier Resources Act (of 1982)
CBRS- Coastal Barrier Resources System
CCO- Consultation Coordination Officer
CD-ROM- Compact Disk Read-Only Memory
CFS- 1. Certified Floodplain Surveyor 2. (lowercase) cubic feet per second
CEO- Chief Executive Officer
CERC- Coastal Engineering Research Center (U.S. Army)
CFR- Code of Federal Regulations
CID- Community Identification (Number)
CIS- Community Information System
CLOMA- Conditional Letter of Map Amendment
CLOMR- Conditional Letter of Map Revision
CLOMR-F- Conditional Letter of Map Revision Based on Fill
CMA- Community Map Action (Form)
CMAS- Circular Map Accuracy Standard
CO- Contracting Officer
COGO- Coordinate Geometry
CORS- Continuously Operating Reference Stations
CPI- Cost Performance Index
CRS- Community Rating System
CSIS- Credited Structures Inventory System
CTP- Cooperating Technical Partners (Initiative)
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DBMS- Database Management System
DCS- Data Capture Standards
DEM- Digital Elevation Model
DFIRM- Digital Flood Insurance Rate Map
DFO- Disaster Field Office
DGN- Design (File)
DGPS- Differential Global Positioning System
DHL- Delft Hydraulic Laboratory
DLG- Digital Line Graph
DLG-3- Digital Line Graph Level 3
DMRS- Data Management and Retrieval System
DOI- U.S. Department of the Interior
DOQ- Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle
DTM- Digital Terrain Model
DU- Dune (Line)
DWG- Drawing (File)
DXF- Drawing Exchange (Interchange) File
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EDR- External Data Request
EO- Exterior Orientation (Parameter)
EPA- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
ERM- Elevation Reference Mark
ERP- Elevation Reference Point
ESDP- Engineering Study Data Package
ESDPF- Engineering Study Data Package Facility
ESF- Emergency Support Function
EST- Emergency Support Team
ET- End-of-Transect (Line)
ETJ- Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (limits)
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FAAT- Fully Analytical Aerial Triangulation
FBFM- Flood Boundary and Floodway Map
FBN- Federal Base Network
FCSA- Fee-Charge System Administrator
FEDD- Flood Elevation Determination Docket
FEMA- Federal Emergency Management Agency
FGCC- Federal Geodetic Coordinating Committee
FGDC- Federal Geographic Data Committee
FHAR- Flood Hazard Analyses Report
FHBM- Flood Hazard Boundary Map
FIMA- Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration (FEMA)
FIPS- Federal Information and Processing Standards (Code)
FIRM- Flood Insurance Rate Map
FIRM DLG- Flood Insurance Rate Map-Digital Line Graph
FIS- Flood Insurance Study
FOIA- Freedom of Information Act
FPI- Floodplain Information Report
FTP- File Transfer Protocol
FY- Fiscal Year
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GeoTIFF- Georeferenced Tagged Image File Format
GIS- Geographic Information System
GLWRM- (FEMA) Great Lakes Wave Runup Model
GPO- U.S. Government Printing Office
GPS- Global Positioning System
GRASS- Geographic Resources Analysis and Support System
GRS- Geodetic Reference System
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HARN- High Accuracy Reference Network
HEC- Hydrologic Engineering Center (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
H&H- Hydrologic and Hydraulic (Analyses)
HMGP- Hazard Mitigation Grant Program
HQ- Headquarters (FEMA)
HS- Human Services (applications)
HSLD- Historic Shoreline Location Database
HSPCD- Historic Shoreline Positional Change Database
HWL- High Water Line
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ID- Identification
IE- Initial Elevation (Line)
IF- Inland Fetch (Line)
ILGD85- International Great Lakes Datum of 1985
IMU- Inertial Measurement Unit
INS- Inertial Navigation System
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Currently there are no "J" acronyms.
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KPI- Key Performance Indicator
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LAG- Lowest Adjacent Grade
LAN- Local Area Network
LFD- Letter of Final Determination
LFFE- Lowest Finished Flood Elevation
LIDAR- LIght Detection and Ranging (System)
LIDEF- Levee Inventory Data Entry Form
LMMP- Limited Map Maintenance Program Project Revision
LODR- Letter of Determination Review
LOMA- Letter of Map Amendment
LOMC- Letter of Map Change
LOMC VALID- Letter of Map Change Revalidation (Letter)
LOMR- Letter of Map Revision
LOMR F- Letter of Map Revision Based on Fill
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MAS- Mapping Activity Statement
MCC- Flood Map Production Coordination Contractor
M-DEN-Metes and bounds Denied
M-DEN-FW-Metes and bounds Denied Floodway
MV- Marsh Vegetation (Line)
MHWL- Mean High Water Line
MICS- Monitoring Information on Contracted Studies (System)
MIP- Multihazard Information Platform
MIS- Management Information System
MNAP- Mapping Needs Assessment Process
MNUSS- Map Needs Update Support System
MOA- Memorandum of Agreement
M-OAS-Metes and bounds Out As Shown
mph- Miles per Hour
M-REM-Metes and bounds Removed
MRR- Measurement Residual Ratio
MSC- Map Service Center (FEMA)
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NAD27- North American Datum of 1927
NAD83- North American Datum of 1983
NAVD88- North American Vertical Datum of 1988
NAS- National Academy of Sciences
NASA- National Aeronautic and Space Administration
NCSSA- National Cartographic Standards for Spatial Accuracy
NCP- Network Control Point
NFIF- National Flood Insurance Fund
NFIP- National Flood Insurance Program
NFIRA- National Flood Insurance Reform Act of 1994
NGVD29- National Geodetic Vertical Datum of 1929
NGRS- National Geodetic Reference System
NGS- National Geodetic Survey
NMAS- National Map Accuracy Standard
NOAA- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOS- National Ocean Survey
NP- Navigation Processor
NRC- National Research Council
NRCS- Natural Resources Conservation Service
NSP- National Service Provider NSRS- National Spatial Reference System
NSSDA- National Standard for Spatial Data Accuracy
NWS- National Weather Service
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ODC- Other Direct Cost
OF- Over-water Fetch (Line)
OGC- Office of General Counsel
OPA- Otherwise Protected Area
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PAC- Primary Airport Control
PALT- Procurement Acquisition Lead Time
P-DEN-Property Denied
P-DEN-FW-Property Denied Floodway
pdf- Portable Document Format
PDF- Probability Density Function
PDOP- Position Dilution of Precision
PE- Professional Engineer
PID- Permanent Identifier
PLSS- U.S. Public Land Survey System
PM- Program Management
PMR- Physical Map Revision
PO- Project Officer (FEMA HQ)
PTS- Production and Technical Services
P-OAS-Property Out As Shown
P-REM-Property Removed
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QA- Quality Assurance
QC- Quality Control
QA/QC- Quality Assurance/Quality Control
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RDBMS- Relational Database Management System
RFIS- Flood Insurance Restudy
RLE- Run Length Encoding
RLS- Registered Land Surveyor
RMC- Regional Mapping Center
RMM- River Mile Marker
RMS- Root Mean Square
RMSE- Root Mean Square Error
RO- Regional Office (FEMA)
ROC- Regional Operations Center (FEMA)
RPO- Regional Project Officer (FEMA RO)
RSC- Regional Service Center
RTK- Real Time Kinematic
RXDS- Existing Data Restudy
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SAC- Secondary Airport Control
SC- Study Contractor
SCRR- Special Conversion Recommendation Report
S-DEN-Structure Denied
S-DEN-FW-Structure Denied Floodway
SDTS- Spatial Data Transfer System
SFHA- Special Flood Hazard Area
SIF- Standard Interchange Format
S-OAS-Structure Out As Shown
SOMA- Summary of Map Actions
SOS- Status of Studies
SOW- Statement of Work
SPI- Schedule Performance Index
SPR- Special Problem Report
S-REM-Structure Removed
SWEL- Stillwater Flood Elevation
SWFL- Stillwater Flood Level
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TBM- Temporary Bench Mark
TCS- (Standard Flood Hazard) Tracking and Correspondence System
TCPI- To Complete Performance Index
TIGER- Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Reference (System)
TIN- Triangulated Irregular Network
TSDN- Technical Support Data Notebook
TVA- Tennessee Valley Authority
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USACE- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
USFWS- U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
USGS- U.S. Geological Survey
USGS DLG- U.S. Geological Survey Digital Line Graph (Format)
UTM- Universal Transverse Mercator
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VAX- Virtual Address Extension
VE- Rigid Vegetation Line
VMAS- Vertical Map Accuracy Standard
VMS- Virtual Memory System
VPF- Vector Product Format
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WAN- Wide Area Network
WHAFIS- Wave Height Analyses for Flood Insurance Studies (computer program)
WIS- Wave Information Study
WORM- Write Once Read Many (CD-ROM Drive)
WSEL- Water-Surface Elevation
WWL- Wind/Water Line
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XDS- Existing Data Study
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