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WISE (Watershed Information System)

In the spring of 2005, FEMA added approximately 50 improvements to its WISE modules, which are available free of charge on the Mapping Information Platform (MIP) to all registered mapping partners currently performing FEMA related study work. WISE modules include the following:

Visit the User Access page to register to use WISE modules.


Collect data and prioritize community requests for floodplain studies.

  • Assists mapping partners in conducting scoping processes for communities requesting new flood hazard studies and mapping
  • Can be deployed on multiple laptops at community meetings
  • Provides GIS tools for collecting and displaying reach limits and their study type and Letters of Map Changes (LOMCs)
  • Tools to collect and report community ordinances, GIS data availability, and community meeting information
  • Supports real-time analysis and prioritization of stream and coastal reaches

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Terrain…with Data Capture Standards Validate Tool

Import numerous types of terrain data, blend it based on user-specified priorities, and create hydrologically correct Digital Elevation Models.

  • Allows you to prioritize datasets so the best data can be used where it is available
  • Provides tools to automatically correct errors caused by culverts, surface irregularities, and depressions
  • Provides real-time drainage area or elevation tracking

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Open Inventory (Survey)…with Data Capture Standards Export and Validate Tool

Import, store, and maintain field survey data for use in large scale hydrologic and hydraulic studies, with easy export to HEC-RAS models.

  • Provides tools to check the completeness of survey data collected according to Appendix N of FEMA's Guidelines and Specifications for Flood Hazard Mapping Partners
  • Automatically links photographs to their respective structures or cross sections
  • Stores interviews of witnesses to historical flooding
  • Exports structures and cross sections for hydraulic calculations

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Hydrology…with Data Capture Standards Export, Import and Validate Tool

Automatically generate curve numbers, time of concentrations, and all key input parameters for today's hydrologic software.

  • Delineates basins and calculates time of concentration, stage/storage curves and SCS curve numbers automatically based on user-specified parameters
  • Imports HEC-RAS routings to be used in combination with WISE-generated routings
  • Functions as pre-processor for HEC-1 and TR-20 hydrologic models

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Hydraulics…with Data Capture Standards Export, Import and Validate Tool

Integrate terrain, hydrologic, and survey data to build hydraulic models (HEC-2 and HEC-RAS) and incorporate the output data to create floodplain mapping and profiles.

  • Automatically places cross sections and calculates takeoffs, stream distances, and n-values
  • Imports HEC-RAS output and maps the base (1-percent-annual-chance, or 100-year) flood boundaries
  • Places Base Flood Elevations cross sections according to FEMA specifications

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