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WISE (Watershed Information System)

In the spring of 2005, FEMA added approximately 50 improvements to its WISE modules, which are available free of charge on the Mapping Information Platform (MIP) to all registered mapping partners currently performing FEMA related study work. WISE modules include the following:

Visit the User Access page to register to use WISE modules.


Collect data and prioritize community requests for floodplain studies.

  • Assists mapping partners in conducting scoping processes for communities requesting new flood hazard studies and mapping
  • Can be deployed on multiple laptops at community meetings
  • Provides GIS tools for collecting and displaying reach limits and their study type and Letters of Map Changes (LOMCs)
  • Tools to collect and report community ordinances, GIS data availability, and community meeting information
  • Supports real-time analysis and prioritization of stream and coastal reaches

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